Save Money And The Environment! BYOB – Bring Your Own Bag

August 2016
Freeport Bag Ban
Freeport, Maine town ordinance banning plastic bags & requiring a mandatory 5 cent charge for paper bags starts 9/12/16.On Earth Day 2015, Bow Street Market voluntarily started using paper bags instead of single-use plastic bags. Since then, we have prevented over 1 million bags from entering the waste stream.
We are proud of our customers, voters, and municipal leaders for supporting the new ordinance and protecting our coastal waters.
Bow Street Market continues to encourage the use of reusable bags to save the environment and money.
All nickels collected from the mandatory bag fees will be used to strengthen & enhance our Community Outreach Program.
Full Details:

LINK: Freeport approves ban on single-use plastic bags: The ordinance prohibits disposable plastic shopping bags and includes a 5-cent fee on paper bags

Here is some history about how this came about:

LINK: Activists pushing for vote on banning plastic bags in Freeport: A Town Council-supported ballot question, meanwhile, will ask voters to consider a minimal fee on paper and plastic bags.

Here is the full ordinance, number 55:

LINK: Freeport, Maine Single Use Carryout Bag Ordinance