Why is our meat department in the center of our store? It’s a nod to our history; our market opened as a butcher shop in 1946 and the community congregated around the butcher counter. Today, that’s no different. The most experienced and knowledgeable butchers in Maine work here, and we eagerly source local, naturally raised, and organic beef, poultry, pork, and lamb.

Looking for a tomahawk steak? Naturally farmed pork tenderloin or house smoked bacon? Lamb cutlets for the grill? Maybe one of our famous, house-made sausages like Blueberry Chipotle, Chicken Kale Parmesan, or one of our Bison specials? If it’s not in the case, we can cut it to order or order it to cut.

Butchers are not all alike. As with most crafts, you’ll find a wide range of talent and dedication among those who practice. The Butchers of Bow Street are the best of the best. They are also walking encyclopedias – or, cookbooks, perhaps – of interesting ways to prepare any cut of meat. This is one place you really want to ask for ideas.

Look to the refrigerated section right in front of and below the meat case, always stocked with local offerings from local farms. Packaged chicken, sausage, and grillables. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s healthy.

Walk in the door at Bow Street Market and our meat counter is the first thing you see, front and center. You’ll know why the first time you visit. And you’ll keep coming back.

Here’s our growing of list of local farms supplying meat from Maine: