Bow Street Market was built on the memories of what food shopping used to be. Our grandparents shopped at the corner neighborhood store where people knew one another by name & the shopkeeper knew what customers wanted. Today, the market is a little bigger, but we still know regular customers by name, remember their favorite foods, and stock products farmed, fished and made by friends and neighbors from all over Maine.

Bow Street Market was founded by Celia Phinney, Cynthia Boyden, and Raymond Boyden.

Karen and John Nappi, along with their two children Adam and Amie, purchased the business and operated it for over 3 decades.

In 2002, Adam along with his wife Sheila and their three children purchased Bow Street Market, making it a 2nd generation family owned and operated business. Over the next 10 years, the business continued to grow and adapt to meet the demands of its customers.


With a dream and limitless willpower, the Nappi’s, neighbors, customers, local architects, construction workers, and landscapers were able to erect a brand new colorful & vibrant facility adjacent to the existing market. Truly a “barn raising,” providing jobs for many local community members. Bow Street Market opened its doors on May 24, 2011 with an appealing open-environment for food shopping.